Sage Hill

A Social Impact Organization

At Sage Hill, our focus is the heart

The Center for Professional Excellence is the birthplace of Sage Hill. Sage Hill continues to expand it’s impact while staying true to it’s core mission: to help others see who they are made to be so they can do what they are made to do. Today Sage Hill offers recovery and addiction treatment programs, therapeutic counseling, leadership development intensives, corporate consulting, staff retreats, teaching resources, and more to come.

All of the Sage Hill expressions utilize the knowledge of The Spiritual Root System™ to help people recover, grow, and keep heart. Learn more about the Spiritual Root System™.

Our Mission:

To help people see who they're made to be
so they can do what they're made to do

The Center for Professional Excellence

Recover your life

The Center for Professional Excellence is the birthplace of Sage Hill and is dedicated to helping people recover their lives, passions, and integrity. We offer a variety of treatment programs for professional men who want to recover from the effects of addiction, depression, anxiety, and other behavioral problems. 

Sage Hill

Grow as a leader

Sage Hill exists to provide encouragement, education, support, and accountability for Christian leaders. We provide leader development, team building, spiritual and emotional healing for pastors, and other services to support the viability of a leader's calling.

Sage Hill Counseling

We're here to help

When life doesn’t work, Sage Hill Counseling is here to help. We offer counseling and intensives for individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents, and group therapies to help you heal, grow, and mature. Sage Hill Counseling centers are located in Nashville and Memphis, TN.

Sage Hill Resources

Keep heart

Sage Hill Resources is dedicated to producing materials that help you keep heart. All of our resources use the wisdom of the Spiritual Root System™ to help you gain a deeper understanding of your heart, which can lead to more authentic relationship with yourself, others, and God.

In this journey of life, there are two paths...

One path, well traveled as it is, keeps us in the existence of survival–never fully knowing ourselves, never fully knowing others, and never finding the abundant life for which we were searching. We spend our existence toiling to make life happen and all it gets us in a grave, a marker, and a date. The other path leads to a full life–a path along the heights that is rough going, yet joyous and full. This is the way of the heart.

–Chip Dodd,
The Voice of the Heart: A Call to Full Living