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Everything you've worked so hard for is waiting for you. See it again through sober eyes at the Center for Professional Excellence.

Effective Treatment for the Driven Individual

Our professionals program at the Center for Professional Excellence is limited in size to allow for intensive and personalized programming from an experienced staff.

Men's Program

Our men's program at the Center for Professional Excellence is an intensive eight-week minimum treatment program designed to help our clients recover from addiction and other compulsive behaviors. With a small staff-to-patient ratio, each client will receive personalized care from a staff that has been working with professionals for more than 25 years.

Women's Program

Our women's professionals program staff at the Center for Professional Excellence provide unparalleled treatment for addiction and mental health disorders. Through trauma and grief therapy, family therapy, regular 12 step-based meetings, our clients will be guided through the emotional work needed to promote long-term recovery.

Your greatest project is you.

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Dual Diagnosis

At CPE, we treat the whole person. A team of medical and counseling professionals will help our clients overcome the addiction, while also addressing any underlying mental health disorders.

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Holistic Treatment

Healing the mind, body and heart after addiction involves an acute focus on sleep, nutrition and exercise, the pillars of health often neglected during active addiction. CPE provides a holistic treatment experience.

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Experiential Therapies

Experiential therapies like equine, art, songwriting and adventure, provide an outlet for self-reflection, inner-connection, team-building and mindfulness at CPE.

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Recovery Coaching

At CPE, we support each client throughout their recovery post-treatment, providing accountability and monitoring with the JourneyPure Coaching™ app and a personal recovery coach.

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Experience the Difference

JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence, commonly referred to as CPE, is a program designed with the professional in mind. Gender-specific men and women's professional programs address the unique needs of men and women with addiction and mental health disorders. Our programs are limited in size to allow for more personal, intensive and individualized treatment.

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