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What is Center for Professional Excellence (CPE)?

Located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence (also known as CPE) is a leading treatment facility specializing in substance use disorders and mental health disorders.

The men’s program that we provide, which is located at JourneyPure on the River, sits on 127 beautiful acres in Murfreesboro. Nearby is a luxurious, comfortable home where the women’s program is located. Our facility has a warm, welcoming, and southern feel that promotes a healing environment for professional women and men looking to overcome addiction and/or mental illness.

Our campus is set right on the Stones River, where clients can participate in experiential therapy by kayaking, completing ropes courses, partaking in equine therapy, and even enjoy fly fishing. With our facility surrounded by nature, clients are removed from the chaos of everyday life and can begin focusing on their own personal treatment needs without distraction or stress.

Additionally, clients can experience the many amenities available at our Tennessee location. These include stunning décor, meeting rooms, serene spaces dedicated to meditation exercises, an outdoor amphitheater, and an activities building that has a stunning river view. Also, we have a beautifully cared for pasture right out front, where our rescue horses roam in between equine therapy sessions.

With a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, those individuals who come through our doors can expect to receive the highest quality of care that includes evidence-based treatments, clinical approaches, and tried and true treatment methods. Specifically designed for working professionals, CPE provides intimate and intensive programming that gives each one of our clients the individualized and unique care that they both need and deserve at this time in their lives.

What Makes Us Stand Out

CPE offers treatment for a number of different professionals, including nurses, healthcare professionals, and executives, along with other professionals in various career fields. We utilize a comprehensive approach to treating each one of our clients, meaning that we do not just treat the symptoms of addiction and/or mental illness. Instead, we look deeper into the underlying causes of addiction, the behaviors that developed as a result of abuse, and what might be holding a client back from achieving recovery. It is our goal to help turn over every stone in order to effectively treat the client so that he or she has the best opportunity to live a life free of substance abuse.

While we offer many different programming options for our clients, our most prominent programs are our women’s rehab program and our men’s rehab program. These two programs are the heart of our CPE program and offer clients a wide range of opportunities to initiate and achieve recovery.

Led by Tamra Roth and her team, the women’s program at CPE is set within a secure, inviting environment where women can begin to fully heal from a past of addiction, mental health conditions, and/or underlying issues that have caused them pain and upset. Roth and her staff work to address trauma and the severe emotional distress that can contribute to substance abuse. With a strong understanding of what women face on a daily basis, such as attempting to live up to high standards in the workplace, at home, and amongst friends, CPE is devoted to helping provide appropriate treatment methods and unconditional support for each woman we treat.

For the past 25 years, Dr. Chip Dodd has led the men’s program at CPE and has even developed The Spiritual Root System as a detailed method to help male clients live fully, love deeply, and lead well. This system allows client to view themselves through a holistic lens so that they can understand their physiology, psychology, biology, and spirituality. Dr. Dodd and his team not only utilize this system but also other methods of addiction treatment to help every male client who comes to CPE achieve success in recovery.

The Spiritual Root System

The Spiritual Root System™ is a significant aspect of the care we provide our clients here at CPE as well as who we are as a treatment center. Through this system, we expose the five roots of the human heart, beginning with feelings. We believe that our hearts are made for relationship, authentic expression, and freedom. Therefore, treatment must exceed more than just trying to help clients learn how to think differently. Instead, we focus on helping clients access a deep emotional and spiritual foundation that might have been ignored or denied.

At CPE, we believe that a full life is unattainable if one’s emotional and spiritual makeup is not tended to. Our team of professionals is devoted to helping each one of our clients access those core characteristics so that a life of complete recovery can be achieved.

JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence is a treatment program unlike any other. With a team of professionals dedicated to helping encourage complete, positive change, our clients rest assured knowing that they are in good hands with us. Call us today at 844-259-9926 to learn about your treatment options. 

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