Aftercare and Alumni Services

Aftercare and Alumni Services

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At JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence, the path to long-term addiction recovery begins in treatment and extends into aftercare and alumni services. Recovery is a lifelong process and requires intense dedication and effort, as addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease. This is why we ensure that all aftercare and alumni services offered to our clients are viewed as the essential components of recovery that they are.  

Prior to leaving our residential facility, clients are provided with a thorough and detailed aftercare plan that our team of professionals has worked to develop. Aftercare plans can include referrals to local therapists (as well as a recommendation on how often visits should be), encouragement to participate in 12-Step meetings, and/or reaching out to friends and family as a means of continued support and accountability.

Recovery Coaching

Once a client has completed care with us and leaves our facility, we consider them family for life. We will provide each client with the tools necessary to live a fulfilling life free of addictive substances. After treatment, each client will be connected to a recovery coach. This coach will conduct weekly check-ins with the client through phone, text, or email. This service continues for one full year post-treatment. We take it a step further by offering an additional aspect of aftercare services – the JourneyPure Coaching App.

JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence has developed an app designed specifically for our clients’ aftercare. All clients can easily use the JourneyPure Coaching app, available on any mobile device or tablet, after they leave our facility and begin their recovery. Through the app, clients will be able to track their nutrition, sleep, and exercise, all three of which we value as the three pillars of health. While in treatment with us, we implement the three pillars of health into our everyday schedules for clients, so by adding it into the app, we hope that clients will continue to incorporate that into their lives.

Additionally, the JourneyPure app allows clients to track their 12-Step meetings and other support group meetings, as well as view and execute recovery tasks. Through the app, all clients will be kept informed of all alumni events and activities so that they can participate in our get-togethers whenever they choose.

Alumni Services

We strongly believe in the power of fellowship both during and after treatment, which is why we work to continually connect alumni to one another whenever possible. Each week, alumni are invited to attend weekly meetings to talk through varying recovery topics with one another. Through these meetings, alumni can share personal challenges and successes with others who can completely relate. We stand a cut above the rest by providing this weekly service, and we also offer special events and outings to promote sober fun.

As always, as an alumni member, we at JourneyPure are always here to support and guide you as you make your way through recovery.

Benefits of an Alumni Program

Staying connected to an alumni program can be majorly beneficial for clients who have completed treatment. Recovery, in general, can be extremely complex and challenging, however, the first few years can be the most trying. Therefore, remaining close to a network of support can help an individual begin to navigate their new, sober life.

For starters, leaving a residential treatment program and going back home can be physically and emotionally jarring. An individual can feel out of place, lost, and unsure of what to do next. However, remaining in constant contact with his or her alumni program can offer a “safety net” during a time that might feel unpredictable and uncomfortable.

Staying connected to alumni services also allows individuals to continually speak with those treatment providers who helped them through the process of treatment. In this sense, no one probably knows the individual better at this point in time than a therapist or a counselor with whom he or she worked during treatment. Having the support from someone who understands can make all the difference.

The alumni services offered at JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence are not mandatory. This means that individuals can utilize these services when they are able to. This makes it much more flexible for individuals to continue to go to 12-Step meetings, spend time with their families, and continue to uphold a job.

Most importantly, the alumni services we provide are designed to keep former clients connected to one another. No one can quite understand what residential addiction treatment is like quite like someone who has experienced it. The connections made through alumni programming can last a lifetime and serve as an exceptional source of recovery support.

Stay Connected With Our Aftercare and Alumni Program

If you or someone you love is grappling with addiction, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 844-259-9926. We can help make active addiction a thing of the past. Call us right now.

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