Drug Rehab for Nurses

Drug Rehab for Nurses

Nurses make up some of the most hard-working individuals in the workforce. They spend long hours on their feet, caring for people other than themselves or their own families, all while doing so in a professional (and often welcoming) manner. Nurses can be so impactful in the care that they provide that if you or a loved one has to go to the hospital or another type of medical facility for any reason, you might remember the nurse that cared for you.

While nurses can come across as having superhero powers to those whom they treat, they are also real people with personal lives that are filled with ups, downs, and everything in between.

According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), one in 10 nurses abuses drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, many of these nurses go to work under the influence, miss their shifts due to drug abuse, or lose their license because of malpractice. Within the healthcare profession, substance abuse amongst professionals like nurses comes with a major stigma. Rather than peers and colleagues seeing a co-worker as having a disease, they might judge instead, or grow frustrated with the behaviors they might display at work. However, despite how those who are addicted to drugs appear to others, it is imperative that they attend a drug rehab for nurses as quickly as possible to prevent danger to themselves or others.

Understanding Drug Addiction in Nurses

Nurses are notorious for giving their hearts and souls to their patients, and while that can be an excellent trait, it can also be one that comes with risks.

Caring for others on a regular basis can produce a number of different emotional responses. For starters, many nurses experience stress throughout their entire shifts, as patients come and go and present with different problems that require specific attention. Some patients who are in a more residential setting (such as NICU babies or ICU patients) might experience a wide range of different health problems in a day, which can feel emotionally overwhelming to a nurse, especially if he or she has developed a rapport with the patient. While there is no doubt that nurses can get the job done, the emotional toll that the job can place on a nurse can be very heavy.

Most nursing shifts are 12 hours long a piece, and some nurses work night shifts. Exhaustion is a real concern for nurses, as it serves as a risk factor for the development of drug abuse. When exhausted, people might turn to substances like amphetamines (e.g., Adderall or Ritalin) to keep energy up, or utilize tranquilizers like Ambien to help promote deep, long-lasting sleep that is otherwise unattainable.

While nursing has many rewarding aspects to it, there can be a great deal of loss associated with this job. Some nurses, such as those working in cancer wards, find that a part of their job includes patient death, which can be extremely upsetting. Turning to the use of drugs to help mask some of that pain might seem like a good option, despite it being a negative way to cope.

These are just some of the many different reasons why nurses are at risk for abusing drugs. However, if a nurse has found herself addicted to drugs, there is a way to maintain good professional standing while receiving proper drug addiction treatment.

What to Expect at Our Drug Rehab for Nurses

At JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence’s drug rehab for nurses, we understand the sacrifices that nurses make on a regular basis, and we are compassionate to the stressors and experiences that may have caused them turn to drug abuse. Therefore, we provide individualized, gender-specific treatment plans to help address the problem as a whole.

If clinically indicated, detox service can be provided at the beginning of treatment to help clear the mind and body of addictive substances. This can be extremely painful, however specific medications can be utilized to help curb withdrawal symptoms. When detox is completed, or if it wasn’t necessary, clients will begin intensive therapy designed to treat the mind, body, and soul.

Individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy work to help the client restore himself or herself, as well as the relationships that he or she might have broken during active drug addiction. Each setting is designed to help clients feel safe, comfortable, and able to participate in a productive manner.

We also provide dual diagnosis treatment. This form of treatment works to address both the addiction and any mental health illnesses that the client is experiencing. For example, nurses are at an increased risk for suffering from PTSD based on the nature of their job, so it is not uncommon to see clients come to us with symptoms of this condition. Thankfully, we treat both conditions simultaneously, as studies show that doing so can increase one’s chances of staying in recovery.

Obtain Lasting Sobriety at Our Drug Rehab for Nurses

If you are a nurse, or if you know a nurse who might need help, please do not wait to contact us at 844-259-9926. At JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence, we are here to help you get your life and career back on track.

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