Executive Rehab Center

Executive Rehab Center

When addiction strikes, it can destroy everything and everyone within its crosshairs. This disease is not specific to one kind of person, however, anyone can experience addiction – even professionals. And when addiction is present in the workplace, the career that one has built can quickly come crumbling down. Not only that, but the personal life of that individual can also suffer the negative effects of addiction, too. Abusing drugs and/or alcohol in an addictive way can be hard to stop doing, however, it is possible with the right help at our executive rehab center.

At JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence, we specialize in providing life-changing, effective addiction treatment for professionals and executives throughout the country. We understand the many challenges that these individuals face in relation to their career status, responsibilities, and creative output. Therefore, we have developed a program that is perfectly suited for professionals from all fields.

What to Expect at Our Executive Rehab Center

At our executive rehab center, we are focused on providing only the highest level of clinically holistic treatment possible. In an effort to do that, we have developed two programs — a men’s program and a women’s program. Knowing that both men and women respond differently to addiction, treatment, and recovery, our gender-specific treatment is geared towards meeting the needs of each client who walks through our doors.

The Men’s Executive Rehab Program

The men’s program at JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence is rooted in the 12-Steps and works to address the client’s mind, body, and spirit. When a male client comes to us for help, we will provide him with a comprehensive evaluation to better determine his specific physical and psychological treatment needs. From there, it can be decided if detox is the best option for the client, and if needed, he will complete that step prior to moving forward with further care.

Numerous therapeutic services are offered to each one of our clients during their residential stay with us. Not only do we provide individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy, but we also offer experiential therapy and adventure therapy (all of which are also offered in the women’s program). Through experiential therapies like equine therapy and art therapy, male clients can start to access buried emotions that have been suppressed because of their addictions. And as those emotions come to the surface, they can be addressed within an environment of support.

Male clients also attend 12-Step meetings, partake in prayer and meditation, and have free time to exercise or rest.

The Women’s Executive Program

When female clients come to us for care, they are often looking to not only stop their addictions but also to address other mental health concerns at the same time. Therefore, we offer dual diagnosis treatment to those clients who need it so that we can help them manage additional mental health conditions, such as PTSD or trauma.

Individual therapy and group therapy are included in the women’s program, as these forms of therapy can be extremely beneficial for the client. Women in the workplace often grapple with setting high expectations for themselves, having poor boundary setting skills, and attempting to maintain a certain image. That work-related pressure can be too much to handle for some. However, through individual therapy, these issues can be addressed and processed in a way that promotes the client’s wellbeing.

Group therapy is also a large part of the women’s executive rehab program, as our clients are brought together to share their thoughts, all while listening to those of others. The bond that can form between female clients can last a lifetime, and serve as a vital source of support.

Similar to the men’s rehab, the women’s executive treatment program also partakes in experiential therapy, adventure therapy, and other activities, such as yoga and meditation.

Continuing Care After Executive Treatment

At our executive rehab center, we do everything within our power to help each one of our patients restore themselves to the people they always thought they could be. When they leave our facility, we ensure that they continue to have our support as they keep working towards recovery.

Prior to discharge, all clients will receive an aftercare plan that has been developed by the medical and psychiatric teams. This plan can help the client maintain structure upon leaving. Also, the client will also be able to download our JourneyPure Coaching app, which connects him or her to a recovery coach. Through this app, the client can track his or her exercise, meetings, etc. and receive feedback from the recovery coach.

And, as always, we offer continuous alumni services to all past clients. These services include weekly meetings, as well as outings. We strive to help keep clients connected to one another as much as possible.

Get The Right Help Now at our Executive Rehab Center

If you are struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism, you do not have to continue on this path. Contact us at JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence today at 844-259-9926. We can help you overcome your challenges, achieve recovery, and begin a life that is worth living. 

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