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Being in recovery from drug and/or alcohol abuse is a wonderful accomplishment, however, it does not always come easy. While in recovery, an exceptional amount of work can go into maintaining that recovery, meaning that the individual must continue to participate in everything that makes their recovery attainable. This can include going to therapy, attending 12-Step meetings, exercising, eating well, or even volunteering within his or her community.

Studies show that those who stay in treatment for longer periods of time have an increased chance of remaining in recovery. However, it is important to understand, too, that recovery does not always move in an upward, straight line. Instead, recovery is filled with ups and downs, challenges and successes that can feel both trying and rewarding depending on what the individual is experiencing at the time. While no one in recovery wants to go through a relapse, it is something that can happen at any moment, meaning that individuals in recovery should always be prepared for it. Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease of the brain, so relapse is always possible. But, if individuals remain connected to their support networks and have a plan for what to do when a relapse occurs (such as reach out to a sponsor, call a therapist, or go back to treatment), relapse can be easily overcome and recovery can begin again.

Thankfully, there are countless ways to find support when living in recovery. At JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence, we ensure that each one of our clients leaves our residential facilities with a detailed and unique aftercare plan that targets their specific recovery goals and needs. And while aftercare plans can be highly effective in encouraging clients to stay in recovery, sometimes it can be helpful to have just a little more support. That is why we developed JourneyPure coaching, a free app designed to help clients access a digital care plan geared towards supporting their continual recovery.

What Is the JourneyPure App?

At JourneyPure Center for Professional excellence, we realize that one of the most crucial phases in our clients’ treatment plan occurs after they leave our facility. We do everything within our power to provide a well-thought-out and effective continuing care plan that includes suggestions on how to proceed once out of treatment. However, we do not stop there. We have developed the JourneyPure Coaching app as an additional way to provide continual services to our clients.

Through the JourneyPure Coaching app, clients will have access to a number of things, including:

  • Daily nutrition log
  • 12-Step meeting and other recovery meetings log
  • Recovery tasks
  • Connection to Alumni events and activities
  • HIPAA compliant messaging

Additionally, the app provides guidelines for sleep, nutrition, and exercise, which are the three pillars of health. When these guidelines are combined with other features of the app, such as meeting logs, clients can continue to achieve success in their recovery.

As the client tracks his or her data throughout the week, one of our JourneyPure recovery coaches will monitor his or her data, which adds an additional layer of support that is completely free of charge.

Why We Do It

We understand how difficult staying in recovery can be, especially when the disease of addiction is present. Even if addiction has been treated, there is always a possibility of relapse. And while this is normal and in no way shameful, it doesn’t need to happen. With continued support that is as far-reaching as possible, clients can continue on in recovery relapse-free.

When a client is in treatment, our medical and psychiatric staff emphasizes the importance of complete wellness. This includes how sleep, nutrition, and exercise are a vital piece of the recovery plan. When in our care, we implement these three pillars of health each and every day in an effort to help restore our clients to their best selves. It is our vision that the principles learned in treatment carry over into the clients’ everyday lives once treatment ends.

One of the greatest benefits we have seen through the use of our app is the accountability it offers our clients. Recovery cannot happen when an individual is isolated from others, as being held accountable to a plan is critical. Through daily reminders to log their lifestyles, clients are able to physically visualize the benefit of structure in the recovery.

This is why we have set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry through the development of the JourneyPure Coaching app. Our staff is devoted to the long-term recovery of our patients. Continuing care plans have historically been extremely successful for clients, however with the advancement of technology, we believe that having an app like ours that is easily accessible on any phone or tablet can be life-changing for our clients.

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