Men's Rehab

Men’s Rehab

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Men experience addiction, mental health disorders, treatment, and recovery in a unique manner, which is why a rehab program focused on men can be extremely beneficial to their wellbeing. At JourneyPure the Center for Professional Excellence, we offer a men’s rehab program that is unlike most. For starters, we value the size of our program. Limited to 10-beds per treatment group, we are able to place exceptional focus and care on the men who come to us for help. Our team is able to foster positive relationships with our male clients in ways that affect change and recovery. Additionally, we treat our client’s loved ones with the same close-knit, personalized care that has become synonymous with our name.

For years, our primary goal has been to develop treatment programs that will benefit the professional man. We consider a professional to be anyone who adds to society in a way that makes it better. This can include a surgeon, artist, pastor, or politician. We value those who utilize their professional life to better the lives of others or to give back. We also realize that as time passes, these men can give up parts of their heart and soul, leaving a hole that requires professional treatment to fill.

Comprehensive Evaluation

In order to appropriately treat every male professional who comes to us for care, it is imperative that we offer a comprehensive evaluation to determine his needs. During this evaluation, both our medical and clinical staff will work to understand the many facets of the client’s addiction and/or mental health condition. They will decide upon what treatment modalities will work best for the client based on this evaluation, as well as determine how long his stay might be. In some cases, clients will begin treatment in the dual diagnosis treatment program, where they will be able to receive care for both their addiction and mental health condition(s).

When a client receives his evaluation, he can expect a few things. Consider the following:

  • Psychological testing
  • Medical and psychiatric evaluations
  • Intensive health and wellness review
  • Interdisciplinary biopsychosocial assessment

The idea of receiving an in-depth evaluation such as this can absolutely be overwhelming, however, we want to stress to each one of our clients that not only is this process critical to your wellbeing, but it is also done with compassion and respect.

More About Our Men’s Rehab in Murfreesboro

At JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence, our multidisciplinary treatment approach for professional men helps them reinvest in themselves and in their lives by working through the challenges presented by addiction, anxiety, depression, and other behavioral problems.

Through our men’s rehab program, we stress a strong sense of emotional awareness so that the mind, body, and spirit can heal. The 12-Steps serve as a foundation for our program, and we utilize them in as many ways as possible to help encourage growth and positive development. Additionally, we offer individual therapy to all of our patients. Through this form of therapy, professional male clients can begin to sort out the underlying causes of their addiction and/or mental health conditions so that true recovery can begin. We also provide group therapy, which helps clients connect to one another and learn from each other through sharing and listening to one another.

The Center for Professional Excellence focuses on repairing relationship capacities through the above-listed therapies so that the client can learn how to live fully, love deeply, and lead well.

Extended treatment is available for professionals, too, as it can be imperative to continue on with treatment when indicated. This extended care includes a reentry plan for work.

The core of our men’s rehab comes from ensuring that the entire problem is treated from the inside out so that a life of successful recovery can be achieved.

A Typical Day in Men’s Addiction Rehab

Each day, the men’s program is booked with activities and exercises designed to help awaken the heart and stimulate the mind. We include both focused relational work and education with experiential therapies to help increase the chances of recovery success.

While our schedule varies from day-to-day, is based on the needs of the clients we are treating at the time, and depends on the weather, we typically try to maintain a similar structure as follows:

7:00 AM – Prayer/meditation

7:30 AM – Yoga/workout

8:45 AM – Morning/group check-in

9:45 AM – Break

10:00 AM – Process group

11:40 AM – Step Group

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM – Lunch @ residence

2:00 PM – 4:30 PM – Process education/experiential therapy

4:30 PM – 5:30 PM – Rest/workout

6:00 PM – Dinner/meetings

Each day, we will also modify this schedule based on individual therapy sessions, family sessions, or other therapies such as music, equine, or experiential therapies.

Get Help Now at Our Men’s Rehab in Murfreesboro

If you need comprehensive, professional treatment that can help you begin to heal from the inside out, please do not hesitate to contact us at 844-259-9926. We can help you discover a happy, healthy, recovered life.

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