Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment

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At JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence, our residential programs include teams of educated and devoted medical and psychiatric professionals (some of which with more than 20 years experience) who provide only the highest quality of care to our clients. Clients can rest assured that during their residential stay, they are in the best of hands, as our team works endlessly to ensure that all aspects of addiction are identified and addressed.

When participating in a residential treatment program, clients will live on campus. Men who engage in the men’s program will stay at JourneyPure at the River, which is our facility located on 127 sprawling acres. The women who engage in the women’s program will be located nearby in a separate facility, which is a southern-style home. Each one of our clients will spend anywhere from 30 -90 days in our residential programs based on their progress in treatment.

We encourage gender-specific treatment, as research has shown that men and women process both treatment and recovery much differently than one another. Additionally, they also respond to drugs and alcohol differently, meaning that they often require specialized, gender-focused treatment to affect positive change and growth. Further, research adds that professionals who suffer from addiction benefit from unique programming, which is exactly what we offer here at JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence.

CPE’s Men’s Residential Treatment Program

Many men are naturally drawn to their jobs in a manner that drives them to reach for as much success as possible. Unfortunately, when those men develop addictive tendencies and behaviors, it negatively impacts their drive, passion, and ability to carry out the work they are normally responsible for upholding. As a result of struggling professionally, these men can also begin to experience problems at home, within their relationships, and with finances. As the effects of addiction begin to mount, some men reach out for treatment for help. At JourneyPure, we can provide that help.

Motivated by his own recovery, Dr. Chip Dodd founded the Center for Professional Excellence in 1996 and has been leading the men’s program since. He encourages clients to start finding themselves once again by reconnecting them to their purpose, passion, and heart. With a small staff-to-patient ratio, every client who seeks treatment through us can achieve these goals.

The men’s residential program at the Center for Professional Excellence offers patients a variety of different services designed to help forge a path towards recovery. Some of these services include:

  • Intensive couples counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Individual therapy sessions for spouses
  • On-site educational programs for spouses

CPE’s Women’s Residential Treatment Program

Women are often held to a different standard than men, and as a result, they experience stress that is specific to them. This stress can include pressure to have a booming career, a loving spouse, the perfectly behaved children, and a stunning outward appearance. Professional women tend to become very wrapped up in upholding these expectations, as it can be in their nature to perfect all areas of their lives. However, when this is the case, the pressure can become so intense that an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol can develop as a method of attempting to cope.

At JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence, we understand the unique challenges that women are faced with today, which is why we offer our women’s residential program. Led by Clinical Director Dr. Tamara Roth, we focus on addiction and mental health disorders in a manner that is reflective of what our female clients are experiencing. We strive to empower women by providing them with the skills needed to cope with anger, depression, and the sense of hopelessness that has caused them to partake in destructive behaviors.

Our clients are afforded many different opportunities to participate in evidence-based treatment solutions, including the following:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness exercises

Comprehensive Evaluation

Prior to being admitted to either program, prospective clients will complete an intensive and comprehensive clinical evaluation to determine an accurate and appropriate treatment plan. Our evaluation includes the following:

  • Interdisciplinary biopsychosocial assessment
  • Comprehensive medical and psychiatric evaluations
  • Intensive health and wellness review
  • Psychological testing

Once the evaluation is complete, our team of healthcare professionals will work to develop a unique plan that meets the needs of the client.


Residential treatment cannot last forever, however, a good aftercare plan can help the client continue to build a life of recovery that can.

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease of the brain, which means that long-term, consistent treatment, and attention is needed to prevent relapse. During treatment, clients will be assigned a recovery coach who will help develop an individual recovery plan. This plan is then entered into our JourneyPure coaching app so clients can continually track recovery goals, as well as find meetings to attend.

Get Help Now at Our Residential Treatment Program for Professionals

If you feel as though you can benefit from our residential programming, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 844-259-9926. Call us right now to find out more about JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence.

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