Substance Abuse Treatment for Professionals

Substance Abuse Treatment for Professionals

At JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence, we specialize in offering superior substance abuse treatment for professionals. Those who are leaders in their career fields (such as CEO’s and executives) or who hold an exceptional amount of responsibility in their job title (doctors, pilots, therapists) are typically considered some of the brightest, most driven, and compassionate people in the workforce. However, a percentage of these individuals might be dealing with bigger demons than what meets the eye. Some professionals find that they are trapped within a dangerous cycle of substance abuse that can not only impact themselves but those around them.

When a professional is abusing substances like drugs and/or alcohol, it might not be noticeable to the naked eye. In fact, many professionals who grapple with substance abuse tend to be high functioning based on their nature. However, regardless of if substance abuse is noticeable or not, it is imperative for professionals to receive substance abuse treatment so that they can continue on in their careers and so others do not suffer as a result of their impaired behaviors.

Substance abuse treatment for professionals is available and able to help these individuals defeat their behavioral problems and adopt a lifestyle reflective of good health and wellbeing.

Clinical Assessment to Tailor Your Treatment

When a professional has made the decision to receive substance abuse treatment, it is imperative that he or she receives a thorough and thoughtful assessment. At JourneyPure Center for Professionals, our medical and psychiatric team work together to find out as much as possible about the client in order to develop an individualized treatment plan that will meet his or her needs. This assessment will determine if the client needs to participate in detox services prior to beginning the therapeutic aspect of the program. It will also help the team decide what kinds of therapies are best suited for the client.

What to Expect at out Substance Abuse Treatment for Professionals

At JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence, we provide in-depth, holistic treatment for professionals through our men’s program and our women’s program. Each program is designed to address substance abuse, treatment, and recovery in the respective genders to produce the most positive outcome – a happy, healthy life free of substance abuse.

The men’s program is focused on treating our clients’ addictions as a symptom of one or more underlying conditions. We understand that men who are professionals in their area of work are faced with stressors that are unique to their gender and career track. We also understand that the issues they might face at home and in their personal lives can affect their overall job performance and vice versa. Therefore, we utilize a 12 Step-based program that incorporates evidence-based therapies and community support so that clients can begin to heal.

Knowing how deeply substance abuse can impact relationships, we focus on repairing ways in which our clients build, support, and enjoy their relationships. We do this by providing education, individual therapy, and group therapy. Helping our clients learn how to live fully, love deeply, and lead well is our main priority.

The women’s substance abuse treatment for professionals is an intimate program with less than a dozen women under our roof at one time. Also based in 12 Step principles, the women’s program works to help female clients access the underlying emotional trauma or distress that might have led them to abuse substances like drugs and/or alcohol. We also place focus on issues that are specific to professional women, such as poor boundaries, exceedingly high standards, and perfectionism.

It is our goal at JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence to aid our female clients in learning how to love and respect themselves in ways that help them positively maintain their health. We also place a strong focus on giving our clients tools to help them decrease stress and practice good self-care. When paired with evidence-based therapies and clinical and psychological support, women can overcome their challenges with substance abuse.

Continued Care

We know that being in the confines of a residential treatment center can provide a level of support unlike any other, which is why we provide many different options for continued care when our clients finish treatment and go home.

Each client will leave treatment with his or her own aftercare plan. This plan can include going to 12-Step meetings regularly, seeing a local therapist, or getting a sponsor. In addition, we offer weekly meetings and frequent outings through our alumni program that all clients are always welcome to attend.

Unique to us, we have developed the JourneyPure Coaching app. This app can help clients track their sleep, diet, exercise, meetings, and more, all while connecting them to a recovery coach who will monitor their progress. This added layer of support can help clients remain accountable to someone, thus progressing their recovery.

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