Heroin Rehab in Nashville

Heroin Rehab in Nashville

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Heroin is arguably the most popular illicit substance of abuse today. This drug is derived from the poppy plant, made into morphine, and then developed into heroin. This opioid substance has taken the lives of countless individuals due to its highly addictive properties.

Also known as smack, horse, or hell dust, heroin can be consumed either by snorting, smoking, or injection. No matter how an individual chooses to take heroin, though, the effects remain the same.

Most individuals abuse heroin because it produces feelings of detachment and euphoria. Additionally, effects can include feeling relaxed and experiencing an addictive rush. Sadly, however, these effects do not last long, causing individuals to keep using in order to achieve these feelings. When this behavior becomes cyclical, dependency can form, and it can be nearly impossible to stop without professional help.

However, despite the strength of heroin’s addictive properties, individuals who are addicted to this drug can stop. Our heroin rehab in Nashville can offer comprehensive treatment that not only helps an individual stop his or her use but also address all other underlying issues relating to his or her addiction.

The Dangers of Heroin Addiction

Someone who is abusing heroin will experience several symptoms of his or her use. And while it depends on how much heroin he or she is consuming, how often he or she is using, and what kind of quality the heroin is, most people will notice some, if not all, of the symptoms listed below:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Itching
  • Drowsiness
  • Mental confusion
  • Respiratory depression
  • Decreased heart rate

An addiction to any substance is extremely dangerous, however, heroin is by far one of the most destructive drugs on the market. Therefore, those who abuse it are at severe risk for suffering a multitude of consequences to their physical and psychological health.

For example, those who inject heroin are at increased risk for suffering from collapsed veins, which can block blood flow to important, vital organs in the body such as the heart and lungs. Intravenous heroin users are more likely to contract infectious blood-borne diseases like HIV or hepatitis, as they might share needles unintentionally due to the state they are in when high.

Abusing heroin can also cause significant skin infections and abscesses, as well as more critical effects such as heart problems and kidney and liver disease.

Psychologically, heroin addiction can lead to the onset of serious mental health conditions, including depression. Additionally, changes in one’s personality can occur, as well as paranoia and anxiety.

The longer that addiction continues, the more likely an individual is to suffer from a fatal overdose. Consuming heroin regularly and in increasingly larger doses can trigger symptoms of overdose, such as dilated pupils, respiratory distress, and a bluish tint around lips or fingers. If those symptoms do not prompt emergency medical attention, further symptoms can occur and an individual can die as a result of his or her use.

Thankfully, this addiction can be treated at our heroin rehab in Nashville, and individuals who were once at risk for life-changing consequences can go on to live happy, healthy, and balanced lives.

What to Expect at Our Heroin Rehab in Nashville

Heroin addiction, although extremely complex, can be treated. Like any other addiction, treatment does not equal a cure; rather it provides the skills needed for individuals to properly manage their disease.


Almost every individual who is addicted to heroin will go through some form of detox at the beginning of his or her treatment. This is because withdrawing from this powerful substance can be exceptionally challenging, as symptoms can include vomiting and diarrhea to an extent where dehydration is possible, and severe muscular pains, headaches, sweats, chills, and other painful bodily responses. By going through detox, individuals can receive around-the-clock medical and psychological care to help them through this difficult time. Our heroin rehab in Nashville also offers the use of medications to help control the intensity of these withdrawal symptoms.

Therapeutic Services

Our heroin rehab in Nashville not only focuses on providing effective detox services for all clients but also offers an array of therapeutic services that are designed to help the client fully and completely address the issues that are tied to his or her addiction. The therapeutic services including at heroin rehab in Nashville include the following:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Ropes courses
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Trauma treatment

These are just a handful of the most common therapies utilized for treating heroin addiction. All therapies are evidence-based and clinically appropriate for each client.

Break Free from Heroin Addiction Today

Heroin addiction is notorious for being very difficult to defeat on one’s one. In many cases, it takes professional treatment for an individual to stop using. If you are struggling with heroin addiction, you are not alone. Please reach out to our heroin rehab in Nashville today at 844-259-9926. Do not waste one more second. We can help.

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