Traveling for Treatment

Traveling for Treatment

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When you do a search for addiction treatment centers, whether for yourself or for a loved one, there are an array of options so it might be a little overwhelming. You may be wondering if you want to stay close to home or whether traveling for treatment might be the best option. There are valid reasons for both. Our admissions coordinators can always talk you through the process to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

Why Travel for Treatment?

Here are some reasons people may choose to travel for addiction treatment:

Traveling Can Be More Affordable

Some of the local programs in your area may be out of your price range in terms of insurance or private pay. Oftentimes patients utilize insurance benefits to pay for treatment and while some in-network options may be close by, there are some that may be quite far. Traveling may mean a better cost-savings or financial fit for the patient and family. Our private pay families also look to make sure the location they are selecting is one that meets their goals both clinically and financially.

Higher Quality of Care

There are areas across the country, especially rural areas, that don’t have accessible, quality programming, leaving little choice for someone choosing to seek treatment. It’s easier to find accredited therapists and licensed facilities near bigger cities. We encourage you to think of your health first when considering your options. If traveling for treatment is best, consider the short-term inconveniences as just a small stepping stone that gets you to your new sober life.

Limited Space

Maybe you do have access to high-quality programming close to home. Sometimes this means space is limited and you might be put on a waiting list. If you have an urgent, immediate need for treatment, traveling for treatment might be the best option. We are committed to helping you find care in a timely fashion, even if that means we refer you to the best alternative.

Avoiding Enablers and Triggers

Some patients need to distance themselves from common temptations and people that may bring negativity to their life.  Finding a new community for treatment will eliminate easy access to enablers and familiar triggers.

Staying Local

Sometimes patients are not able to travel for treatment even if they may wish to. Some of the most common reasons that you may not be a candidate for traveling to treatment are:

  • Legality: If criminal activity is involved, sometimes the law prohibits individuals from leaving the state
  • Insurance Restrictions: Some insurances restrict out-of-state treatment coverage.
  • Family Therapy: Programs often incorporate family or marriage counseling services so it is more convenient to stay close to home.

Traveling to Murfreesboro, TN for Treatment

If you decide to travel for treatment to JourneyPure CPE, we guarantee you will be surrounded by a dedicated, caring staff that delivers the best care possible with a program designed you’re your specific needs. Our professional’s program is located just southeast of Nashville, TN, a booming city filled music venues, scenic parks, shopping and many opportunities for sober fun. Call today at 844-259-9926 to talk to an admissions coordinator.

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