Should I go to a Sober Living House After Rehab?

October 26, 2018

Navigating through early sobriety can be a frightening and overwhelming time for first timers, and for anyone else at that. There are some suggested do’s and don’ts that will help you to stay sober and to also not go completely crazy without booze or drugs. One of them is living in a healthy sober environment.

For many people, the option to move back home is usually not the best idea, as we all know where to score, how to manipulate, and how to hide our using at home. On the other hand, not many people have the money to just start renting an apartment in a new city when they are fresh out of rehab. This is why considering to live in a sober living house can often be the best possible option for those who are graduating from a treatment program, and intended to stay sober.

What Are Sober Living Houses?

It is somewhat of a catch-22, but with the explosion of the opioid epidemic and rising addiction rates, there has also been an increase in treatment services and halfway houses around the country. This means that there are more options for people who are looking to get help to be able to access it. So what exactly IS a sober living house?

Well, there is actually a very wide variety of sober living environments to choose from. They mostly vary based on:

  • Self-pay or insurance covered
  • Length of stay
  • Use of IOP programs
  • Encouragement for employment or not
  • Levels of responsibility and accountability

That being said, not all sober living houses are built the same. While you or your loved one are still in rehab, investigations and conference calls with different aftercare programs can occur with the family, the therapist, and the sober living home. This will help clarify for the individual which place would be a good fit for them. Many people choose where to go to sober living based on specific areas of needed support.

For example, some people are in rehab only for substance abuse. This would usually entail a sober living environment where they would undergo routine drug screenings, IOP programs where addiction education can continue, and where they would be expected to follow a curfew, meeting attendance, step work, and other recovery-based solutions.

For people who are in rehab for areas such as mental health, i.e., depression, self-harm, eating disorders, there are sober living houses that specialize in recovery from disorders such as these.

Speak with your therapist and your family counselor to see if they recommend any specific aftercare locations for you or your loved one.

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The Benefits of Opting for a Sober Living House

Many people assume that when they first get out of rehab, they are cured of their ailments. However, studies show that people who get sober in rehab have just as much of a chance to experience relapse as before unless they are placed in a safe and supportive environment while they are working the steps or utilizing another recovery program.

Besides staying sober, there are a whole bunch of other awesome benefits of starting out your recovery in a sober living house! Here are a few.


One of the hardest aspects for many people when getting sober is feeling comfortable making “sober friends.”. Many of us, in the beginning, can tend to compare ourselves to others in meetings, which can create resentment and a “gap” between ourselves and the people that COULD be good influences on our sobriety. It is pretty common for many newcomers to hang out with the “wrong crowd” when we first come around because it feels pretty comfortable and we are used to that.

This is why living in a healthy sober living house can be extremely beneficial in that it will open up the doors for a community, friendships, and interactions with other healthy and sober people who understand what you are going through.


One of the most commonly pervading threads throughout most alcoholics and addicts is that at some point during their addiction, they lost a whole lot of discipline, structure, or routine unless it was focused around the getting and using of drinks or drugs. That being said, when we get sober, it can be easy to fall back into that place of complacency, so having a sober living home that encourages a healthy routine can set us up for success. For example, many sober living homes encourage:

  • Attending meetings daily
  • Participating in home chores
  • Working part-time
  • Working the steps
  • Attending In-House meetings
  • Curfew

These requirements are never to punish or torture anyone, but to help set up a busy daily schedule that can eliminate boredom, which can often lead to relapse.

Payment Options

The best part about sober living houses is that they have a variety of different payment options to choose from. For someone who has no way of paying rent every month, there are thousands of different sober living environments out there that will take insurance as payment.

For others, there are sliding scale options that allow a person to pay more once they are working. Some houses cost more than others, of course, yet for the most part, a good sober living house will often try to accommodate anyone who wants to stay sober and is willing to meet the requirements of the program.

Ride Sharing and Support

Many people who are just coming out of rehab are often away from home, away from their vehicles, or have lost the ability to drive either from a DUI, late car payments, etc. Sober living houses often provide transportation to the newer members of the home, either to work, to meetings, or to pick up groceries or supplies.

Making friends with other people living in the house who may have been there longer, have a vehicle, and are trustworthy, often allows people without means of transportation to have access to areas they cannot get to via public transportation.

There are so many reasons why a healthy sober living house can benefit sobriety, and of course, the main and most important reason is because they keep us accountable in our early sobriety. It can be so easy to slip back into our old behavior patterns if we are not surrounded by supportive and encouraging people, but sober living environments help to eradicate a lot of that possibility.

Do You Need Treatment?

Even though a significant amount of controversy still surrounds addiction, whether it pertains to how it’s being treated or what money should go where, if you are currently addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, you can get help.

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