Healthy Living

Healthy Living

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When an addiction is occurring, everything within an individual’s life can be deeply affected, especially their overall wellbeing. For example, being addicted to drugs and/or alcohol can cloud the mind in a way that judgment can be compromised, symptoms of mental illness can develop, and cognition can deteriorate. An individual’s body can also suffer, as the effects of addiction can include severe physical complications, including organ damage, development of diseases, and potential death. Also, one’s heart can become crushed when addiction is occurring. An individual might become more wrapped up in using than paying attention to the people, places, and things that make them feel alive.

However, addiction does not have to get to this extent. There is treatment available that can help promote a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle.

A Holistic Approach Geared Towards Healthy Living in Sobriety

At JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence, we utilize a holistic approach in treating addiction and mental health disorders. Our mission is to help each client overcome toxic, addictive behaviors by healing the mind, body, and heart, which have likely been damaged during active addiction.


When an individual comes to us for care, we address any immediate physical concerns. In many cases, the first step of a client’s care is detoxification. Also known as “detox”, this process helps clear the body of any and all dangerous substances. This can be extremely complicated to do on one’s own and without professional supervision, as cravings paired with withdrawal symptoms can trigger an individual to use again. However, at our facility, we have a team of professionals that include medical staff who can monitor the progress of each client while he or she detoxes.

Other ways in which we care for a client’s physical wellbeing is by providing a healthy, well-rounded diet and encouraging exercise. As we are located on 127 acres of land, we have many opportunities for clients to get out and enjoy exercising, as well as participate in experiential and adventure therapies that double as an effective form of exercise and essential aspect of therapy.


As a client is working on incorporating a healthy diet and exercise into his or her lifestyle, he or she will simultaneously be focused on restoring good mental health. By partnering with our highly trained and equally compassionate mental health professionals, clients can start digging into therapeutic modalities designed to help comprehensively treat their addiction.

One of the most popular forms of therapy we provide clients here at JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence is dual diagnosis treatment. This is a type of care that focuses on treating addiction and one or more mental illnesses at the same time. Studies show that addressing both conditions at the same time can significantly improve a client’s recovery outcome.

Additionally, we offer individual therapy, group therapy, experiential therapy, and adventure therapy to all of our clients. Each form of therapy is designed to address different psychological and emotional needs of the client and get them on the right track to overall healthy living. For example, individual therapy can provide clients with a therapeutic environment where it is safe to share thoughts, emotions, and experiences with a highly understanding and kind professional. Group therapy can also offer emotional support to a client, as gathering with others who have experienced addiction, too, can help heal the mind.


Working to properly care for the body and the mind can dramatically affect one’s ability to treat the heart. When the body is clear of dangerous substances, a client can then focus on restoring their heart. For many, this comes through activities such as equine therapy or art therapy, or simply dedicating oneself to engaging in activities that can produce wholeness. 

Continuing Healthy Living with JourneyPure Coaching

While clients are residing at our facility and participating in our programming, we work to instill new, healthy habits that can be continued when they leave. One way in which we can continuously offer that support after our clients are gone is through the JourneyPure Coaching app.

The app, which is free for each client for one full year after their treatment, allows them to track their meetings, meals, exercise, and so on. Clients will have contact with a recovery coach who can monitor their activity within the app and who can also offer advice going forward.

By utilizing this unique piece of technology, we feel that clients can continue to uphold their minds, bodies, and heart in a manner that makes recovery long lasting.

Do You Need Help?

We understand that admitting that you need help can be the hardest part, however, we ask that you do not waste one more day abusing drugs and/or alcohol. Contact us right now at 844-259-9926 to learn more about how our healthy living program at JourneyPure Center for Professional Excellence can help you.

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